Habanera Farm grows herbal teas for people looking for health and good taste. We add no artificial flavoring and no artificial coloring. We sometimes combine with imported teas. Our teas really are 100% natural. We are a women owned business started in 2007. Teas are produced in an ecologically responsible way with a solar powered herb dryer. We are licensed by the Maryland Health Department and follow Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). We sell wholesale and retail, packaged for restaurants and coffee houses, or packaged for an individual consumer. In addition, we also carry organic and kosher black, green and rooibos teas to complete your tea line.

Habanera Farm was created in 2005 from an empty field that years ago was used for horses, before that for corn and before that for vegetables and most likely a lot of tomatoes. The owners, Chris Himmel and Henriette den Ouden also bought the 18th century farmhouse that came with the land. This started a process of improvement of land and house that resulted in a beautiful herb farm and healing center using the home and the surrounding woods. The farm uses about 4 acres for herbs and berries, the other 16 acres are freely accessible for wandering around enjoying an unknown stillness.

Henriette is the grower and Master Tea Blender, with her degree in herbalism from the Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH) she knows how to blend herbs! Chris is the creative brain behind the farm and has a degree in Applied Healing Arts, also from MUIH. Both are committed to growing the farm, supporting other farmers to grow herbs, and bringing the health of tea drinking to more people. Both also contribute to Habanera Farm in a different way. Chris is a health coach specializing in the five elements approach, change and grief, always using nature as a healing force. Henriette is a clinical herbalist seeing clients to support their health through the use of herbal medicine. Both are experienced speakers and teachers about their expertise and love teaching cooking classes at the farm.

Our address: 2916 Whitehaven Road, Tyaskin, MD 21865